April showers? Not in Barcelona!

21 — April — 2015

So many happy couples want to get married in April, to be fair the weather is just perfect. Not too hot, just enough sun and a fresh spring breeze. At this wedding at Castell de Sant Marçal, the ceremony took place in front of the lake, the aperitif had the castle as a backdrop and the dinner was served in the glass walled dining hall.

The décor, by Phlox, added a touch of luxury all through the day and was elegant and subtle, incorporating some original features of the venue, such as the cherub statues in the garden. The guests were welcomed by two stilt walkers dressed in white to perfectly match the scene.

Barcelona shows, once again, to be one of the most idyllic wedding destinations.

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Bodas y fiestas_Esther_Conde_Catering_de_lujo_01_8720web
Bodas y fiestas_Esther_Conde_Catering_de_lujo_02_8504web
Bodas y fiestas_Esther_Conde_Catering_de_lujo_03_8607web
Bodas y fiestas_Esther_Conde_Catering_de_lujo_04_8609web
Bodas y fiestas_Esther_Conde_Catering_de_lujo_05_8765web
Bodas y fiestas_Esther_Conde_Catering_de_lujo_06_8776web
Bodas y fiestas_Esther_Conde_Catering_de_lujo_07_1669-web
Bodas y fiestas_Esther_Conde_Catering_de_lujo_08_8519web
Bodas y fiestas_Esther_Conde_Catering_de_lujo_09_8712web
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Bodas y fiestas_Esther_Conde_Catering_de_lujo_11_8684web
Bodas y fiestas_Esther_Conde_Catering_de_lujo_12_8783web
Bodas y fiestas_Esther_Conde_Catering_de_lujo_13_8572web
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Bodas y fiestas_Esther_Conde_Catering_de_lujo_16_8671web
Bodas y fiestas_Esther_Conde_Catering_de_lujo_17_8677web
Bodas y fiestas_Esther_Conde_Catering_de_lujo_18_8659web
Bodas y fiestas_Esther_Conde_Catering_de_lujo_19_8656web
Bodas y fiestas_Esther_Conde_Catering_de_lujo_20_8852web
Bodas y fiestas_Esther_Conde_Catering_de_lujo_21_8855web
Bodas y fiestas_Esther_Conde_Catering_de_lujo_22_8858-web
Bodas y fiestas_Esther_Conde_Catering_de_lujo_23_8585web

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