A wedding in a wheat field

20 — June — 2014

We have made possible many unions, in many different settings and, here at Esther Conde, we never falter on originality, creativity and exclusivity. This time we set everything up in a little town in Empordà, where we laid out a banquet under a marquee in the middle of a wheat field.

The appetizer was in the garden in front of the house, where hanging jars of peonies seemed to float in the air. Seafood grills and the cold beer served under a tree to give the impression of a corner bar gave a relaxed air to the party. There was even a children’s corner with furniture just the right size, so they could play together.

After lunch, as the sun went down, the colour of the wheat reflected off the marquee and gave the space a magical feel. Later for the party, another area was available for the guests, complete with palette chillout furniture, an outside bar and the incredibly appealing ‘churros’ and chocolate buffet to keep the revelers going long into the early hours.

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