Cocktail dinner at the Metronome

13 — December — 2016

The Metronome is a  new and exciting venue in the heart of El Born, one of the most beautiful and historical neighbourhoods in Barcelona. Originally used as a store and since 1984 it has been used a space for exhibitions. This fresh and on trend space has recently been made available as a venue for corporate events.

The Metronome is a blank canvas, wide and diaphanous, just waiting for you to make your personal mark on it. It has a modern, industrial feel, perfect for innovative, successful tech companies, for example.

This event was for 450 guests from all over the world and the Piano Bar, an all singing duo who served up cocktails with a dash of live jazz and blues at their specially adapted piano bar, entertained the guests and ensured that they had a swinging time.

Esther Conde, your number one caterer for exclusive, luxury events in Barcelona
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