On the island of S’Aranella, Cadaques

03 — October — 2016

Upon arriving at this beautiful wedding you couldn’t help but believe that dreams do come true. With the immensity of the Mediterranean as a backdrop, the warming September sun and a soft cooling breeze to accompany the aperitif on this special day. Between a wonderful array of buffets the bride and bridegroom arrived on a traditional Catalan style boat decked out in flowers. It was a spectacular entrance!

Lunch was served under pine and olive trees and the star of the menu was our “suquet de peix”, a traditional fish stew hailing from the region, and it was the perfect dish for the setting and amazing sea views.

The beautiful bouquet was made up of soft olive greens and mauves and was by Singular Envit.

The best photos in this post are courtesy ofAlejandro Moneo.

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