The stars shone down on us

30 — June — 2016

When the stars are in our favour, everything goes smoothly. There were many many factors that contributed to the success of this wedding. The place was spectacular, haimas surrounded the pool, the table materials were well coloured and textured, the gentle light of the sunset in June bathed the venue, lighting was impressive, the weather perfect, charming clients, and everything was coloured by the summer dresses swishing from one side to another.
With all of this is easy to be successful. The seabass was excellent and the cheese cake was “the best I have tasted in my life” said the bride.
The flattering comments didn’t stop throughout the whole event and at the end of the day we were beaming with pride.
We worked hard but it was worth it. Here you have some photos of the set up.

Esther Conde, your number one caterer for exclusive, luxury events in Barcelona
Success depends on perfection in the smallest details

Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7425web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7433web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7438web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7454web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7471web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7478-cweb Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7497web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7500web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7502web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7519web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7523web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7524web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7537web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7541web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7549web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7561web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7576web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7580web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7588web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7590web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7612web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7613web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7624web Esther_Conde_Catering_de_Lujo_DSCF7628web

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